Mirai Speaker


Have Trouble Hearing
Your TV Clearly?

Mirai Speaker helps over 250,000 people
around the world to hear TV better without
raising the volume.

Mirai Speaker

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Mirai Speaker

Mirai Speaker

Patented Hearing

Mirai Speaker uses a patented hearing
technology called “AudibleWave Technology”.

The curve shapes on the speaker produce
unique sound waves that are easier to hear
from a distance.

Tested and validated by industry professionals

Great Stereo Sound

Mirai Speaker is not only easy to hear, it sounds good. The dual curved speaker units ensure that you and your loved ones can enjoy TV with great stereo sound.

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Mirai Speaker User Today!

Mirai Speaker

Mirai Speaker

Benefits of Buying from Our Site

Quickly Enjoy Clear Dialogue
Right Out of the Box!

Setting down Mirai Speaker

Easy 1 Min Set Up

Plugging in the optical cable

Remote Control

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Additional Support &
Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions and helpful information using Mirai Speaker.

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