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Mirai Speaker

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Mirai Speaker

Mirai Speaker

Invented in Japan.

Used by industry professionals all over the world.

Mirai Speaker’s unique technology
is used in companies all over the
world to help people hear
dialogue better.

Patented “AudibleWave Technology” changes the way sounds reach your ear.

Mirai Speakers utilizes a curve shaped speaker design in contrast to ordinary speakers, which are flat, to help produce sound waves that allow for clearer hearing at a distance

Great Stereo Sound with Dual Curved Unit Design

We used two curved units, the core technology behind the Mirai Speaker’s AudibleWave Technology to allow for great stereo sound. Not only can you hear voices clearly, but you can enjoy great surround sound for movies and TV shows.

Professional sound simulation shows the difference

Mirai Speaker’s “curved sound” creates a more equal sound distribution, as compared to conventional speakers which directs sound towards the front.

Simple connections to connect you to your audio

The Mirai Speaker comes equipped with an AUX cable and an Optical Cable (recommended). With the Optical Cable connection, you’ll be able to not only enjoy enhanced dialog quality from your Mirai Speaker, but also a blended audio experience from both speaker and TV audio combined.

10 Years of industry transformation, with a concept 150 years in the making.

Inspired by the “Gramophone.”Tapping into the history of this discovery led to the start of Mirai Speaker. After 10 years of research and product development, we have transformed the industry with the introduction of our new Mirai Speaker.

Backed by University Research

Research shows that Mirai Speaker’s “curved” sound waves reach
wider and further compared to conventional speakers. Our speaker
provides an even sound distribution throughout rooms, compared to other
sound bars which project sound in front of device.

Even sound distribution ensures enjoy clear dialogue
without turning up the volume.

Even sound distribution ensures enjoy clear
dialogue without turning up the volume.

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Plugging in the Optical Cord to Mirai Speaker

Easy 1 Min Set Up

Minimalist Remote Control

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Mirai Speaker

Mirai Speaker

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