Mirai Speaker

Designed specifically to help you
enjoy clearer TV dialogue at home.

The Mirai Speaker was created in Japan with the goal of helping individuals hear dialog more clearly over the background sounds and music found in everyday TV and movies. Our soundbar sharpens the quality of speech while reducing background noise for an improved
entertainment experience.

Tailored for easy listening to improve
the following experiences.

Man throwing his hands in the air

For those who find it
difficult to follow dialogue

Our soundbar makes it easier for people to hear spoken words and improves overall sound quality.

Man unable to hear clearly

Personally find it hard to hear while
watching with others

Even if the volume is just right for those around you, it is hard for you to hear.

Woman covering her ears with man confused to why

Families listening to the 
TV with the volume turned up high.

The volume is too high and a bit noisy for everyone else, but it feels just right for you.

Patented “AudibleWave Technology” changes the way sounds reach your ear.

Mirai Speakers utilizes a curve shaped speaker design in contrast to ordinary speakers, which are flat, to help produce sound waves that allow for clearer hearing at a distance. Paired with a minimalistic design approach, it is both easy to use and blends in naturally with the TV environment.

Great Stereo Sound with Dual Curved Unit Design

We used two curved units, the core technology behind the Mirai Speaker’s AudibleWave Technology to allow for great stereo sound. Not only can you hear voices clearly, but you can enjoy great surround sound for movies and TV shows.

Professional sound simulation shows the difference

Mirai Speaker’s “curved sound” creates a more equal sound distribution, as compared to conventional speakers which directs sound towards the front.

Simple connections to connect you to your audio

The Mirai Speaker comes equipped with an AUX cable and an Optical Cable (recommended). With the Optical Cable connection, you’ll be able to not only enjoy enhanced dialog quality from your Mirai Speaker, but also a blended audio experience from both speaker and TV audio combined.

10 Years of industry transformation, with a concept 150 years in the making.

Inspired by the “Gramophone.”Tapping into the history of this discovery led to the start of Mirai Speaker. After 10 years of research and product development, we have transformed the industry with the introduction of our new Mirai Speaker.

Improved sound clarity for everyone
and anywhere
at home.

Discover the difference yourself between the Mirai Speaker and your typical conventional speaker.

Hear the improvement with Mirai Speaker

Listen to the difference between ordinary TV speakers
and the Mirai Speaker.

Benefitting and accommodating a variety of room sizes.

Illustration of Mirai Speaker in wide room

Wide Room

Illustration of Mirai Speaker in small room

Compact Room

Easy set up for integration
into your home

Setting down Mirai Speaker

Lightweight and fashionable
design suitable for any room

Plugging in the optical cable

Quickly connect optical audio
cable or AUX line to your TV

Husband holding remote smiling with wife

Smooth adjustment of audio levels
to comfortably enjoy all types of media

Our customers have experienced
many benefits

Our company Sound Fun aims to create a society where everyone looks forward to living every day with ease. With over 10 years dedicated to improving the ordinary speaker experience, our product Mirai Speaker is delivers on our promise to provide
“Sound Driven Happiness”.


worldwide in the US,
Asia and Europe


experienced better hearing
with Mirai Speaker

tested technology

with improvements for both
home & commercial users

Tested and validated by industry professionals
Hear the stories of our customers
Elderly Man

Male, 64.
Santa Barbra, CA

“I’m able to hear clearer dialogue as compared with the sound bar I used before.”

I feel the sound spreading throughout the room and my wife can also hear the dialog clearly, even she is washing dishes. I don’t have to use subtitles while watching TV anymore.

Elderly Woman

Female, 59.
Chicago, IL

“Watching my shows sounds much more crisp and clear”

I often couldn’t catch what was being said while watching the news and sometimes felt like I missed certain parts of my shows, but now I’m able enjoy TV much more. I could tell the difference immediately.

Elderly Man

Male, 72.
Minneapolis, MN

“I no longer need high volumes, which was uncomfortable for my family”

I have tried several soundbars, but I have finally found a quality TV soundbar that allows me to  actually hear clear dialogue!! It has improved watching my favorite shows with family.

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Mirai Speaker

Mirai Speaker

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Continual support with you
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Additional Support &
Frequently Asked Questions

Explore our FAQ page for answers to commonly asked questions and helpful information using Mirai Speaker.

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Family sitting on the couch

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