Designed in Japan, the Mirai Speaker increases comprehension of TV, computer and radio speech for those who have trouble hearing dialogue from conventional speakers.It does this through its cutting edge AudibleWave technology. This technology uses a curved panel design to produce clear, crisp, and distinct sound waves that broadcast speech and dialog with high clarity throughout the room.

Users are loving their Mirai Speaker

Understand your TV Better

Unlike conventional speakers that broadcast the majority of the sound they produce straight ahead, Mirai Speaker's curved panel AudibleWave technology broadcasts sound evenly throughout the room. This makes the TV easier to hear for everyone, without having to turn up the volume or change seats. Professional sound simulation from data acquired by Kan Okubo, Assistant Prof. of Tokyo Metropolitan University:

Designed specifically to enable those with mild to moderate hearing loss better understand and enjoy TV viewing, normal-hearing viewers may feel that the sound quality is not full-bodied or immersive.

30 day money back guarantee

Not sure if the Mirai Speaker is right for you? Purchase and use it for a couple of weeks in your own home with your own TV to hear the difference for yourself. If the Mirai Speaker isn't right for you, just initiate a return through your amazon account and you can send it back to us for a refund. 

For households with both normal-hearing and hearing-loss TV viewers, setting the volume right can be a battle. The Mirai Speaker’s improved dialog clarity reduces the need for increased volume bringing everyone back together. No need to turn on the subtitles.

Hearing Loss can lead to frustration and isolation. The Mirai Speaker can help to put enjoyment back into a favorite pastime – watching TV.

With no bluetooth or wireless connectivity, the Miria Speaker is ideal for older folks--or anyone who wants to simplify the hassle of connecting to the TV. Just plug in the audio cable and you are set.

Don’t miss a word on your next FaceTime or video call with your family or friends. Connect the Mirai Speaker to your computer or iPad and enjoy the clarity of the conversation. The AudibleWave technology takes the frustration out of video calls.