Cutting Edge AudibleWave Technology

Developed by Soundfun in Japan specifically to help people with hearing loss better understand Dialog, Curved Panel AudibleWave Technology is a breakthrough in audio technology. While other methods are used to attempt to help those with hearing loss hear the TV better, AudibleWave is the only method that changes the physical shape of the speaker to deliver clear crisp dialogue evenly though out the room. The result is clearer, better articulated dialog that can be heard further form the speaker without turning up the volume to an uncomfortable level.

Soundfun’s founder, Kazunori Sato, was curious why those with mild to moderate hearing loss could hear dialogue better from old-style phonographs with flared-horn speakers. Working alongside seasoned sound engineers, they reproduced that effect with the curved panel which is at the core of our AudibleWave technology. 

As you might guess, our speakers are used in places where it’s particularly difficult to hear words clearly, like at airport gates for flight announcements, in hospitals, and in law enforcement.

But the Mirai Speaker brings our AudibleWave clarity much closer to home. It is designed to make TV dialogue clear to everyone who is listening, including those with mild to moderate hearing loss. An added bonus allows the volume to remain at a comfortable level for everyone in the room.

Unlike conventional speakers that broadcast the majority of the sound they produce straight ahead, The Mirai Speaker's curved panel AudibleWave technology broadcasts sound evenly throughout the room. This makes the TV easier to hear for everyone, without having to turn up the volume or change seats. Professional sound simulation from data acquired by Kan Okubo, Assistant Prof. of Tokyo Metropolitan University: